Let Your Inner Nature Shine

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Whole Wellness Therapy Specialist Training & Coaching

When we tune into our inner self, we activate our own natural process to heal. At Horizon Wellness Therapy we provide energy and sound healing therapy and coaching. As mindfulness practitioners and coaches of positive psychology, we help people find their own inner peace using the beautiful power of the pure divine energy and meditation – gentle but powerful tools which help bring balance in life.

About Melissa

Hi welcome to Horizon Wellness Therapy. You are very welcome to our online training courses which we are offering on our website. My name is Melissa I am a spiritual Life Coach and help others with anxiety and stress. I help many to find their higher selves and their way in troubled waters through energy healing. I am passionate about helping others with the healing energies of Reiki and Rahanni.

I believe mindfulness, meditation and positive psychology are ways to finding our inner peace and I believe we all have an innate ability to heal oneself. I also work with the angelic realm and have channeled messages to support us as we navigate through this lifetime.

Energy is a precious part of our life and impacts on everything we do. I believe part of selfcare is managing our energy. Offering these online courses in energy healing, mindfulness and meditation will open new doorways to bring compassion, kindness, and love. In turn this will have a rippling effect as the energy flows we will glow and grow.

I love writing and opening to my creativity brings “clarity and purpose.” You will find some of my work on this site.

About Nathan

Hi my name is Nathan. I am a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher. I am also a Reiki and Rahanni Master and have been using energy healing since I was a teenager. I know the benefits and healing it brings. I am a spiritual life coach, a regular meditator, mindfulness practitioner and use these tools in my life on a daily basis. I am passionate about helping others to find their way with these amazing energies which will open one to self- love, and intuitive insight. I hope you enjoy the courses we offer. I am here to support and help you. I will be offering meditation and self- care courses in the future.

We will be offering a healing circle online at the beginning of each month to connect and bring healing calm and peace.

Self help energy healing online courses

Our energy is a precious part of our life. It affects us, our loved ones and our health. We believe part of self-care is managing our energy. Sometimes we need help with this to get us back to our old selves. This is what we specialise in. Our online courses are for adults. The online courses help others who wish to learn these energies giving mindfulness tools to become their own therapist and progress with training to work with energy healing for others. 

How Can We Help?

We are Reiki, Rahanni, Sound Healing and Bio Energy Therapists. These beautiful energies are powerful but loving and gentle. These healing energies are suitable for anyone. We offer certified training in Reiki and Rahanni. We also provide online training courses in Mindfulness and Meditation.

Stress Management

Many people have a difficult time with health, and balance in their life. Learning to relax and let go can be difficult. We use energy work to help clear the system help release stress and anxiety and promote relaxation, comfort and activate the natural ability to heal. We use mindfulness and meditation to help in developing resilience, courage and strength.