Reiki Courses

Reiki Level 1 Course


This is for anyone who wants to learn to Reiki. A self development to connect with your inner higher self and begin a journey with Reiki energy and healing. Self care is the focus of this level with meditation and mindfulness as tools to guide and enhance your spiritual abilities.

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Reiki level1  is primarily for your own selfcare needs but can be used on family and friends non commercially.

This is the first step in training and receiving an attunement to the first rays of the Reiki Light. There is nothing more precious than a gift like this to calm your mind nourish your body and uplift your spirit. You can give yourself this ray of light to support you. This is  aimed towards tuning into your own higher self for self care and bringing love and relaxation . It offers the knowledge and skills for self treatment and for providing therapy to family and friends also. To begin training and working with Reiki the first step is to increase your connection with the divine within and bring awareness to what is right for you.

Reiki Level 1 Course

This course is online with very well demonstrated videos to enhance your learning.

The history of Reiki

The principles of Reiki.

Finding that sacred healing space that belongs to you. A mindful approach will be taken to self care and how Reiki can play an active role in that.

Detailed videos and  training of the Reiki healing hand positions for self-care.
Working  with Reiki  energy, auras and chakra system.

Sensing the energy in the hands.

Sensing the energy in the chakras.

Detailed information on the chakra system.

Full body demonstration of Reiki.

Case study, and Questionnaire.

Pre recorded attunement or  an attunement online with the team Horizon Wellness therapy.

Full certification Reiki Level 1 once course is fully completed and case studies returned.

Full detailed downloadable manual.

Ongoing guidance and email support will be given at all times on this unique journey with Reiki.


Reiki Level 1 – 5 Module Course

Price: €75

Reiki Level 2 Course


You must have completed Reiki level 1 (with a Reiki master) to do this online course.  This will give an empowering course receiving the sacred symbols which you can use in your life. This self paced course  will give  time to develop and deepen your connection as you become the practitioner and bring this healing art to support yourself and others.

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This course is online with very well demonstrated videos to enhance your learning .
  • You will deepen your understanding and connection to Reiki further and will learn 4 traditional sacred  symbols plus 4 other symbols as an aid to empower the Reiki energy you have learned at Reiki level 1.
  • You will learn how to give distance healing .
  • Chakras in combination with the symbols.
  • Receive detailed demonstrations of the symbols through video and how to form and use them.
  • Byosen scanning demonstration. 
  • Full body demonstration.
  • 21 day cleanse discussed.
  • Code of ethics discussed. 
  • Case studies and questionnaire discussed
  • Meditations
  • Pre recorded  attunement or Attunement online  with the team horizon wellness therapy.
  •  Full detailed downloadable manual.

    Ongoing guidance and email support will be given at all times on this unique journey with Reiki.

Prerequisite : You must have completed Reiki 1 before Reiki 2 and forward the certification to us after purchase. Reiki Level 2 can be used on family and friends and the public as you will be a practitioner of the reiki healing energy. You must complete and return case studies to us then we will issue you with your cert. We are here to support you with the case studies or any questions regarding the course or the Reiki as you progress.

Reiki Level 2 – 6 Module Course

Price: €125

Reiki Level 3 Course


This is for those who want to master the concepts of Reiki and to teach Reiki to others by attuning and passing on this amazing healing modality.To deepen your own connection to yourself as you work with your own creative abilities and become your own teacher.

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The Masters Teachers Online Training Course will open you more fully and completely to the limitless potential of Reiki and how to develop and deepen the connection to yourself and the qualities that are contained in you and the Reiki energy. In this time you will receive:

  • Gift of the level 3 Master Teacher attunement to the Reiki Master Symbol.
  • Pre recorded attunement or meet the team for an online attunement,
  • Reiki level 3 sacred symbols
  • Revise Reiki level 1 and 2 practitioner level.
  • Learn how to attune students to all levels of Reiki both in person and distantly .
  • Working with Reiki distantly.
  • Here you will receive full demonstrations of giving a reiki attunement on another in person and also demonstrations on how to do this overline distantly.
  • You will find ways of how you can become your own teacher fully and how you can move into your own gifts and bring them out. You will begin to write your own manuals plan your own courses for teaching Reiki. bringing out your own creative abilities.
  • This personal development will be integrated in your own space and time . This way will be on an amazing journey personal to you.
  • We will support you in all areas  as we live mindfully and develop and explore your creative abilities.
  • Ongoing email support will be given.
  • Meditation, visualization and time for reflection.
  • Learning to work in the space competently.
  • Meet with the team at a selected time  to discuss and  progress all  questions will be answered.
  • 2000 words on how Reiki has impacted your life and what you have learned up to date.
  • Full downloadable manual.
  • Full certification.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion so you will feel fully confident in your ability to teach and train others as you sit in the Reiki energy and take time to process the teaching of it which will be personal to you.

Prerequisite: You must have completed Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 if you have not completed these with ourselves forward on the Reiki 2 certification you have upon purchasing the course. At the end of you completing the course we will meet on line  to discuss progress and a 2000/3000 words on how Reiki has impacted your life so far. We will issue you with your certification for the teacher master level. we are  here to support you at all times on any questions regarding the course.

Reiki Level 3 – 6 Module Course

Price: €195

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