Rahanni Celestial Healing

What is Rahanni?

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a complementary therapy that works alongside and supports conventional medicine. Rahanni is thousands of years old. It has been brought back to the planet in 2002 by Carol Stacey the founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing as the new healing modality to help us to grow spiritually in truth, compassion and love. Rahanni vibrates on the 5th dimension working at a deeper level to bring truth, compassion and love to all. Anyone who is searching for spiritual progression, will find Rahanni will lead the way, expanding the aura and helping with a change in consciousness. Rahanni is a heart healing energy bringing an overall balancing throughout the body. The pink ray of light with pink celestial angels vibrate on this energy. It is powerful but very gentle, loving and kind. It brings compassion, love and truth to each soul opening the space of the heart centre to bring about a change in consciousness. It works on the six-pointed star, many angels, and guides.

What To Expect From Rahanni Treatment?

Rahanni is given in a relaxed peaceful environment by a Rahanni practitioner. The client lies clothed on the plinth or on a chair with relaxing music as the practitioner channels the light and places hands in non-intrusive areas throughout the session. The session will last from 45 minutes to 60 minutes long. Rahanni can be given distantly by an experienced practitioner.

How many Rahanni sessions are advised?

One session is fine but it is recommended to receive three sessions for full appreciation and experience of Rahanni.

Benefits of Rahanni

  • Relaxation
  • Deep feeling of peace throughout the healing.
  • Awareness of finding that space to just be and bring about change.
  • Mind stops racing, the body relaxes.
  • A feeling of being loved.
  • Sensations of warmth.
  • Sensations of cold.
  • Tingling sensations.
  • A complete feeling of surrender to the moment is very relaxing.
  • An awareness of presence in the loving energy of Rahanni.

“Open your heart to heal your wounds as this happens the light shines through.” Melissa

Who can benefit from Rahanni Healing?

Everyone. Man, woman, child, animal, and plant life. Rahanni is a natural healing modality and advice will never be given to discontinue any medication that has been prescribed by a professional. Rahanni practitioners and teachers are not qualified to give medical advice.