Energy Healing

Energy Healing on a Cellular Level

Energy healing works on a cellular level activating our own body’s response to naturally heal and brings us back to harmony and balance. Blockages in energy eventually appear as disease, physical aliments, injury and trauma. By using this divine healing and channelling, a clearing and cleansing effect happens which releases stagnant energy. Removing these blockages restores the energy back to flow so it can move. Infused energy then moves in, out and around our organs and cells. It helps to connect with the deepest part of us — the heart with stored emotions, pain, anger, sadness and grief. And results in healing at a deep level which brings a release of emotions , a sense of relaxation peace and calm.

This leads to an overall balancing of the body’s energy and to the chakra system (the seven main energy centres in the body — which play a major role in our physical , emotional, mental and spiritual health). This restores the flow of energy and peace of mind facilitating a return of harmony within the person.