Books by Melissa

Rainbow Messages – Powerful Prayers, Poems and Quotes

Rainbow messages from the Angels of Light is a beautiful enlightening book of prayers poems messages and quotes. These prayers are powerful and each Angel brings a separate message. The wording is simple, spiritual, healing and magical. There is amazing images displayed throughout which compliment the prayers, quotes and poems. These healing words and prayers connect with the light of the Angels. There is fifteen Archangels depicted in this book along with prayers to our guardian Angels. These messages came through from these fifteen Archangels and my guardian Angels to give to the world. This book is magical and a feeling of Love Peace Faith and Hope comes from within and around this book. This book is suitable for adults, young adults and children alike. A wonderful peace and guidance comes through the words of the Archangels and Guardian Angel. These healing Angels bring Love, Light, Wisdom and abundance to all. Also available on Book Depository.

Mindful Ways, Happy Days –

A treasure of activities helps children focus on the present

This book is a treasury of activities for children by parents and teachers. It helps children to explore their uniqueness, to grow in their own awareness of their own breathing and feelings, and to being present “in the moment” and to accepting their own special place in the world. Children will receive activities of drawing, colouring, tracing, writing, dot dot activities, word searches and more. There is many beautiful childlike poems throughout, which are fun and heart warming. The theme of playfulness, being thankful and the importance of just smiling are very valuable conversations with the children and are portrayed throughout the book. The book is bright and cheerful and teaches children in a simple way to notice and focus on the present. Also available on Book Depository.

Mindful Magic –

Magic potions to learn Mindfulness

Mindful Magic is a story about a Genie and a boy called George. The Genie comes to help George with his anger and thinking patterns. He promises George the crock of gold. What has George to do to get to the crock of gold? Is the magic the Genie brings real magic? A lot of twists, turns and surprises as George walks the road to the crock of Gold. Suitable for 9 to 12 year old’s. Also available on Book Depository.


Notebooks are a great way to cultivate gratitude and build your mindfulness practice. I have put together my own notebooks for clients which I hope you enjoy. I have new ones out on a regular basis and you can find them all on Amazon on my author’s page.

New day New Way: Colouring mandalas for women and teen girls with positive affirmations for reflection.

This inspirational Mindful Colouring book is for women and teen girls. This will help promote a sense of wellbeing and moments of presence as you connect with the content. As this happens a mindful awareness of the present moment begins and this will enhance relaxation and a space to tap into your creative abilities. It will bring you beautiful affirmations and you will feel the good positive vibes portrayed in the book throughout.  This book is made with good energy, positive statements and most of all love.