Angel Connections

Angel Readings

Angels are majestic beings of light that are always around you. All you must do is ask for their assistance. Just because you may not see them does not mean they are not there. You may feel a presence like an angel is near, a comforting feeling around you suddenly. You may be given signs, feathers, feeling of warmth, flickering lights, a gentle breeze, lovely scents, repeated songs or music, finding coins, seeing orbs, rainbows, repeated numbers ,feeling a touch like something has just brushed your face or hair. When you ask for guidance regarding a situation take note of recurring signs through posters or songs that the Angel may be giving you a message. Also be aware of people who may be sent to you as an earth angel to help or assist you regarding a current situation. If you believe in praying, take this opportunity to speak with the Angels. It is okay to ask for help for others too. God will send his messengers to others in need and this is the perfect time to do so. You can also ask the angels to give you a message in your dreams.

All these ways build a connection, a communication with the Angels. The Angels will not interfere with your life unless you ask for assistance. They will not take over your life. They will empower you so you can sort out your problems and grow from your experiences. This will open you to greater love within you and around you. Learning from the choices made as an experience (rather than specifically seeing it as good or bad). There are many different types of Angels. Our guardian angel comes in with us from birth. They are ever present, surrounding you, always by your side, watching over you and guiding you with their angelic light. I have written a book called “Rainbow Messages from the Angel of Light” with 15 ARCHANGELS AND GUARDIAN ANGELS OF LIGHT. A connection so real bringing messages from above.


from ” Rainbow messages from the Angels of Light”

The angels tell me to simply just be.
Rest and take moments of quiet and peace.
This will open my connection to the angels above,
who are waiting to help and send guidance to me.
I am grateful for the moments that are given to me.
This way of life will help me to feel free.
Each hour, each day, each moment is real.
Whatever happens and presents to me,
I will receive and simply just be.